Spirit of Creativity

Artist's statement

I have been making art for as long as I can remember. As a child, art was my refuge where I found solace from the challenges of living. I loved collecting small shiny objects and enjoyed stringing beads, knotting macramé and embroidering clothing. As a young person who grew up on the coast of Southern California, I developed into a person passionate about color, creating adornment with a clearly bohemian sensibility.

As a student at California State University Long Beach in the late 1970’s, I studied art and textile design. We were weaving, printing fabric, and creating sculpture with basketry. I also studied art history, painting and design, which enriched my path as an artist and illuminated the development of my aesthetic.

I’ve spent the totality of my life living on the coast of California. The beauty of nature and the changing sea and sky are a kaleidoscope of inspiration for every piece I make. For more than 20 years I have been designing jewelry. Each piece is unique; inspired by the remarkable women in my life and always something I would love to wear (and often have).

Women collect jewelry as one of many ways to express their own unique self. Wearing special jewelry that you or a loved one selected just for you makes us feel beautiful and powerful. Personal adornment is a public demonstration of our inner light, giving voice to how we feel and wish to be seen. My jewelry reflects the things that make living worthwhile: friendship, sisterhood, playfulness and love.

It’s my joy and privilege to be a part of this celebration we call life!